I will record your 200 word male voice over today

I will record your 200 word male voice over today


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**For video use pls see extra’s and or FAQ’s Thank you**

I’ve recorded voice overs for BBC, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, and LEGO to name a few.

My voice is heard by tens of thousands of people from one week to the next. I’ve recorded thousands of scripts over the years, for TV, Radio, e-learning, Public announcements, audiobooks etc for hundreds of happy customers.

If you’d like my Professional Voice Over and Professionally mastered audio for your project, then get in touch or order now.

What you are guaranteed from me

 20 Plus Years Experience

 Professionally Trained Voice Actor

✓ Has own acoustically treated studio

 Professional Mic. & Processing Unit

 FREE mastered audio copy included

✓ Fast & Friendly Service

“It’s True! He’s the Real Deal! WOW!” ★★★★★

The best British voice-overs here on Fiverr! He is very pro with the proper audio equipment! He also has a great personality! ★★★★★

“Absolutely perfect delivery and extremely fast turnaround. 100% would recommend.” ★★★★★

“Astonishing Value, and absolutely 1st class” ★★★★★

Is this voice being used on a Video? Check out the FAQ below! STUDENT PROJECT? – Please start CHAT!


I need your voice for a Video – Will I need any extra gigs?

YES you will 99.9% of the time you will need one yes. If anyone is to hear my voice ‘Publicly’ by streaming, or say a Facebook Advertising Video, Youtube intro etc etc. Then yes you will. If it’s for a television to show in a workplace… again – yes.

Do I need commercial rights?

If your voice over is for any non-personal use then YES. If you don’t buy the license the production will be watermarked with a beep sound, which can be removed upon purchasing the appropriate license. Drop me a message if you’re not sure!

Do I need broadcast rights?

If the voice over is for any paid marketing channels including television, radio, and online then yes

What is a revision?

The revision is for making any required changes to the delivery or amending pronunciation. Script changes will be charged as per the word count.

My question isn’t answered here.

Please just start a chat conversation with me! 🙂

Are you not just a bit too good to be true?

My mother told me this when I was small…. so it must be true. 😉

I’d like to offer you lot’s of work in the future, but need 50% discount now… how about it?

If I got $1 for every time I get a promise of future work, if I do a deal…. then I would never need to record anything again. Sorry. My prices are set very very fair. Trust me. This is the cheapest place to find me. 🙂

My Project is for University / College / Training – Do I get it without extra Licenses?

START A CONVERSATION – before you book! – VERY important. I have far too many people who abuse the system sadly 🙁 I will do them at my discretion.

Why is there an extra for e-learning?

Very simply – as with video use, broadcasting use and commercial use – I believe that to use my voice to help students learn as a resource if either paid or free then it is a suitable charge for the time it takes (often to read many hundreds of words).

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