I will real estate cold calling accent free

I will real estate cold calling accent free


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We work with Real estate professionals: Cash buyers & Realtors with their cold calling projects.

Disclaimer: Cold calling could be a slow approach for new wholesalers who do not have enough budget to wait on

  • Hire, train and manage callers for your cold calling project.
  • submit your leads immediately along with call recordings.
  • KPIs weekly reports.
  • We are result oriented, so we do promise with certain daily/weekly production.


1st. Virtual Assistants Service

  • cold calling & appointment setting

2nd. Acquisition Work

  • running comps
  • deciding MAO

3rd. Motivated Seller Leads

  • Boost UP the number contracts signed
  • Warm seller leads
  • Best selling for wholesalers and realtors
  • Save time and start closing.

Note: We Pay our Callers Bi-Weekly, for on going projects ( Part time & Full time ), we will send offers by Milestones..

we got 7 days to clear funds, so…

1st Milestone: end of the 1st week

2nd Milestone: end of the 3rd week

3rd Milestone: end of the delivery time ( for order completion )


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How many leads can I expect in a month?

The amount of leads you can expect per month per agent varies and it really depends on the list and the market and also what you would consider a valid lead however I have seen some agents get up to 60-70 leads per month, which is equivalent to 2 Leads/Day / Agent.

Do you provide the list or do we have to provide one?

we would need you to provide a skipped traced list ( please check the packages for how many would be enough for each package )

where can we get a skipped traced list?

Best options are.. Propstream.com & Propelio.com
or any skip tracer here on Fiverr ( but we are not sure of their quality of all Freelancers Quality, so please check their reviews )

Do you have a Dialer or do we have to provide one?

we are currently using Call Tools
we would only need the area code you want us to call from

How Do you know that your agents are doing a good job?

QA Supervisors listen in to live calls, giving instant feedback to our agents. We also randomly contact customers to receive feedback. Additionally, our phone system closely tracks hold time, talk time, and several other statistics, which are reviewed by management on a daily basis.

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