I will do python script, data extraction,xml,json,txt,csv conversion,logs parsing

I will do python script, data extraction,xml,json,txt,csv conversion,logs parsing


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Hi there!


If you need a python script that solves your tasks, whether it is data conversion, file parsing, data extraction from TXT, XML, JSON, HTML, or maybe something else, I’ll create it for you!


Here are some projects I recently have done:


– A Python script for supermarket net, that extracts information from the cash registers logs about a certain transaction, the find video files from surveillance cameras, find this transaction by timestamps in the video, and create a single video file for this transaction along with the list of purchased products.


– The Python script for uploading data to the Firebase Realtime Database from Excel file along with the uploading images to the Firebase storage The script compare uploaded content with the existing, create new items in DB, update or delete existing if needed.


– The Python script that reads Excel file with zip codes and parcels measurements, gets prices from the TNT delivery company using their API for each address, and saves received data in the structured excel table.


Please contact me before ordering so that I can evaluate the complexity of your task, time, and cost.


Can you write the script extracting data from the XML or JSON to the text or CSV file?

Yes, I can!
Please, provide me a sample of your file and the output file structure, and I’ll do it.

Can you parse a text file with a specific structure and extract data to save in the CSV or Excel or Database?

Yes, I can. I will use regular expressions to parse your file.

Do I need to install Python for using the script on my machine?

It is not necessary.
Usually, my buyers want just run one file without any additional installations.
And I provide this opportunity for them by compiling a script to “.exe ” for Windows or to the executable file for Mac.
Of course, if you want, you may install Python and run .py file directly

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