I will design your website to modern standards

I will design your website to modern standards


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IMPORTANT: To avoid cancellations of orders with Thuso, please do contact him via Fiverr Messaging before placing an order.

Your ultimate goal is to make a roaring success of your business. You deserve to get an A+ design and to work with a designer that with a 100% reputation who is wholly invested in your business.

★★★★★ Feedback from happy clients:

“He uses tools to show progress, communicated well & has an excellent eye.”

“Thuso’s designs are striking, minimalist and highly usable.”

“I’m super happy with the caring, dedication, communication & quality of work.” 


UXPin, Bohemian Sketch, Photoshop & Illustrator Files:

✓ Fast iterations using UXPin as well as Sketch + Kraft.

✓ True HD, UHD icon exports export to PDF, PNG and SVG file formats.

✓ Up to 3 tracked free UX Consultancy hourswith the Premium package

Awards & Features:

✓ Featured on Behance Graphic Design Gallery & Adobe Illustrator Gallery

✓ Featured on UpLabs Shot of the Day & Debut Shot

✓ Featured in Muzli Animation Weekly Gallery 

About me:

I have 8 years of experience in graphic, web and mobile design. I believe in validating IDEAS before launching products.

If you also agree that we are a good fit, hire me!


Why is this a Pro Service?

Pro services may not be the cheapest route. That is true. However, research shows that Pro’s are absolutely invested in the success of your projects, extremely talented and follow through right until you go live on the App Store. Perfect designs, perfect assets and perfect wins.

What is the first step?

We will get into a short “Discovery” Skype call, typically 10 – 15 minutes. The goal is to get know how we will work together to create a winning project and also for me to get to know you and your project better.

How will we communicate with each other throughout out the project?

We can communicate via Skype, email or text. Once we start working all these will be provided to you.

Where can we find your portfolio?

That is easy: You can browse to my fiverr portfolio here – https://www.fiverr.com/users/thusombedzi/portfolio
I can also provide more work proof upon request.

How is Quality Control implemented?

I have a tight circle of user experience design experts that provide valuable Expert Feedback from wireframes to the finished product.

What is the frequency of updates when on project?

Typically every 3 hours. I try to update you as frequently as possible so that I can keep you in the loop as well as allow you to re-calibrate the project through iterations more effectively.

How many iterations of this type, eg, “Change the color of the background” can be done ?

Minor iterations are unlimited but within fair boundaries As standard practise, iterations are typically not done while on a Skype cal unless at an advanced stage and if they are small enough. They will be submitted and completed within 2 – 3 hours depending on their magnitude.

How “interactive” are the prototypes that will be created?

All efforts will be directed to ensure that the developers can clearly see how the screens will flow from start to finish. However, this is typically limited to 15 clicks per action in order to reduce complexity.

Is post-project support offered?

Yes. After a project is completed, we may contiue iterating for minor updates for 24 hours for all projects. Futher than 24 hours may require payments to be made.

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