I will design you an outstanding fashion illustration

I will design you an outstanding fashion illustration


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*The first image in this gig portfolio is a non-profit illustration and is made for non-commercial purposes.

Every fashion brand needs outstanding illustrations that will bring the designer’s vision to life; therefore, I’m here to help! 

My name is Romi; I’m a professional illustrator and seamstress. During the past years, I have been creating outstanding illustrations for customers from whole over the world; I’m highly experienced in creating exclusive fashion illustrations.

In this gig, I offer you my unique fashion illustration services-I will create you outstanding illustrations, perfectly tailored to your brand; my illustrations will bring your marketing campaign to the next level!

Digital illustrations are painted in 300dpi resolution.


You must contact me before ordering a watercolour illustration; since the process of working with watercolours is different from working digitally, I have to discuss the details with you before you place your order.  

If you use commissioned illustrations for commercial purposes, you must credit me as the illustrator; my full name is Romi Lindenberg.

I’m eager to work with you, contact me anytime or order today!


Can I use ordered illustration for commercial purposes?

Absolutely yes, as long as you give me credit for the drawing.

What is your workflow?

1. We will discuss your general project, themes, and ideas.
2. I’ll send you a pencil draft that will give you the idea of what the finished project will look like (which you will have to approve in 24 hours).
3. After your approval, I’ll start working on the actual painting.

Can you draw in any style?

Yes, but please contact me before placing your order.

Can I order large posters?

Absolutely yes! You just have to pick the high-resolution extra so that your illustration will be suitable for large prints.

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