I will create an effective instagram hashtag growth strategy

I will create an effective instagram hashtag growth strategy


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Why me?

I have worked with Fortune 500 brands such as Adidas, L’Oreal, Xiaomi & Pfizer on numerous marketing and branding campaigns.

I’ve successfully delivered 4000+ hashtag strategies with over 2600+ happy clients to help them achieve organic instagram growth.

Why my service?

I will strategically research, analyze & handpick best-performing hashtags tailored to your Instagram account. I will teach you:

✅ How you can effectively use hashtags to rank and grow organically

✅ How to avoid bad hashtags to avoid negative growth

✅ Stand out from your competition and increase your sales

✅ How to increase traffic and conversion organically

✅ Account optimization and posting secrets to gain new Instagram followers

What will you get?

✅ Data-backed high-ranking hashtags tailored to your niche and brand

✅ Profile optimization so you can be discovered quickly

✅ Personalized hashtag strategy to help you grow and increase your followers 

✅ Expert video guide to teach you to find high-ranking hashtags

✅ Monthly newsletter based on Instagram’s newest algorithm updates

✅ Masters Course 2021/2022 (Platinum or Diamond Gig)


Why do hashtags matter?

Hashtags are crucial to the growth of your Instagram because it allows your posts to get exposure organically. Using the correct hashtags combined with great content can help you go viral. That is why I will also analyze your account to give personalized tips on how you can best use the hashtags

How do you look for Instagram hashtags?

I will do a deep dive into your industry and through your potential customers, industry players, stakeholders and competitors find the most relevant hashtags for your Instag account. Furthermore, I will also explain to you how to best utilize these hashtags to drive growth

How does your Instagram Hashtag Strategy work?

I will first analyze your account and do researches based on your industry/sector.
Upon my research, I will strategically handpick hashtags that your key consumers, competitors, and other key stakeholders use. I will take everything into account and provide you with a personalized IG strategy

What is the point of ordering more hashtags?

Instagram limits 30 hashtags maximum per post. However, using the same repeated hashtags over again may lead to a decrease in reach as Instagram may flag this as spam. That is why it is important to rotate the type of hashtags related to your niche as you upload more posts

Do you provide Hashtag sets?

To combat spam, using the same set of hashtags multiple times per posts may decrease a reach. That is why I will give you another effective method for you to use the hashtags for your posts. In case you do want hashtag sets, please let me know separately when placing the order.

Can you work with any niche?

I’ve worked with over 1000+ accounts here from various niche-groups, and I will try my best to do my research for your niche. In any case, if you have something that is very niche-specific, please feel free to contact me before ordering.

Do I need to already have an Instagram account to purchase a gig from you?

No you don’t, however, if that is the case, I may need you to provide more details of your business to me, like your objectives, your products/services, website (if any), competitors, anything that will allow me to know more about your goals.

Will you manage my account?

Nope, my gig entails handpicking hashtags specific to your account/business as well as providing a personalized strategy report that will give you guidance to grow!

Are the hashtags only in English?

Yes, currently I can only help with looking for English hashtags.

What is the Masters Course 2021?

It is a comprehensive Instagram course that teaches you everything from algorithm optimisation, content strategy, Instagram adverts, AR filters as well as the latest secrets to grow your account.

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