I will boost your loving relationships

I will boost your loving relationships


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Win-win relationships mean both you and the other person benefit and have a sustainable relationship. You could transform your relationships and connections by removing your own energetic imbalances that keep you stuck in repeating lose-lose, downward spirals. Using the Emotion Code/Body Code energy healing system, I will look for and release imbalances that might block you from ease and communication. Then I will send you a detailed report of everything done. I only release things on you since I don’t have the permission of the other person.

This gig is helpful for

  • parents and children (I can work on children under 18 with parent’s permission)
  • spouses and partners
  • bosses and co-workers
  • friends and family (holiday peace!)
  • teachers, doctors, and therapists
  • and pets

Example Report:

Blocks/imbalances removed to a win-win relationship between you and ____________

1. Unhealthy Energetic Cording brain to brain (negative thoughts are influencing each other)

2. Trapped Emotion of Guilt age 9

3. Emotional Intolerance/Overreaction to feeling conflict (driving you to avoid facing the truth)

4. Broadcast message of “Hate me.”

Try out a $25 gig to see if this is a right fit for you!


Do I have to do anything for this after I order?

No, by giving me permission to connect with your subconscious mind, I will
-remotely connect to you,
-find/remove the imbalances and
-then email you a detailed report of everything I found.

How do you connect with me energetically?

We are all connected and I’ve been trained to connect with others and then use muscle testing to ask yes/no questions to identify imbalances. The Emotion Code uses a magnet across the Governing Meridian (top of head) to release imbalances energetically.

What kind of results can I expect?

Like the phrase “A rising tide lifts all boats,” an energy session with me will focus on the issue at hand (i.e. the relationship or symptom), but other issues often get some improvements. People report greater calm and flow in life in specific and in general.

How can I maintain the healing I’ve experienced?

I recommend writing goals or affirmations daily that keep you focused on what you want in life AND that you are willing to take action on. For example, “I am winning at having win-win relationships in all areas of my life. I have clarity and creativity to find solutions to be a win-win friend.”

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