I will be your online personal trainer and nutritionist

I will be your online personal trainer and nutritionist


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Are you tired of the stereotypical Personal Trainer?

Following a copy/paste workout and diet plan?

Wasting your money on useless supplements?

If you want to lose weight / burn fat / gain muscle / recomposition – You’ve just found the Gig based on scientifically supported and proven methods that works.

I’ll help you achieve any goals you have!

Why me? 

  • 8+ years experience practicing weight/body training and flexible dieting
  • Experience based on dozens of previous clients 
  • Professional and individual attitude to each client

What do I provide:

  • Free consultation
  • Workout and Diet plan tailored to you as an individual
  • Gym/Home Workout program (with/without equipment)
  • Exercise explanation videos
  • Macro-based diet plan (recipes, calories, macros included)
  • Supplements information guide
  • Example of full day of eating + Additional recipes
  • 24/7 Message Support
  • Tips and Explanations

Client satisfaction is my main priority

100% Guaranteed results if you stick to the plan

If you have any questions feel free to message me



What your free consultation includes?

My consultation includes couple questions about your lifestyle, experience in this field, personal preferences so i can get to know you – the more I know about the client I work with, the better the end results will be.

How do you create my workout plan?

I create your custom workout plan based on your experience.
The workout routine could be gym program – full body , push-pull workout routine, upper-lower workout routine etc..
OR home with / without equipment.
Each exercise comes with explanation video how to perform it correctly.

How do you create my diet plan?

Your diet plan contains calculated calories for your main goal – to start losing weight/gaining muscle.
Full day of eating based on your calories is included.
Your diet plan is build around your lifestyle, relationship with food, specific goals and preferences.

What is “Check ins” and “Monthly Coaching” in your premium package?

“Check ins” means checking your weekly stats and if you want something to be changed or added i will create it the way that works the best for you.
“Coaching” means answering your questions with full details and you can record yourself doing exercises so i can make some corrections if needed.

I am a complete beginner in this field, is that okay?

Absolutely! I work with clients of all skill levels, from complete beginners to advanced athletes who wants to improve.

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